My Star Secret for Arcticbull



D.O.B 20.09.2011

Our Secret is the youngster in the family. She comes from our Italian friend Lady Morena Fecchio at the My Star kennel in Porto Garibaldi. In October 2013 I flew to Oslo and then went by car through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria all the way to south of Venice and the My Star mansion. Morena breeds strong, lovely bulldogs and Secret is out of the World Champ Lady Macbeth and Ocobo Candy King.
At her first show weekend Secret won Best Bitch at the Norwegian bulldog Specials second day show. This at 10 months of age competing against lots of Champions and other quality bulldogs. Thanks to Allison Gunson who were judging.
Secret is the sprinter in the family. We have never seen a bulldog with such level of energy and she runs at the speed of a Greyhound. Her movement is second to none and like the others she is tested HUU clear.
Secret is also Myys best friend and the two girls plays together with the youngster running circles around the grownup.



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