Not many people know this but we live without daylight for three months of every year. Thats what the Arctic is all about, darkness and low temperatures ....


The Owners

We are Vera Olaussen and Ole-Kristian Løkken and we live outside a small city called Narvik, located in the north of Norway. We will try to tell you a little bit about our interest, motivation, plans and goals with owning and breeding this amazing breed.

We were granted our affix "Arcticbull" in January 2009. This is meant to reflect our geographical placement and climate far above the Arctic-circle at 68 degrees North.
Not many people know this but we live without daylight for three months of every year. Thats what the Arctic is all about, darkness and low temperatures. But in the Summer the sun never sets for a period, making it well worth living here after all.

It all started in 2006 when we decided that we wanted a Bulldog. Our knowledge about the breed was at the time very limited, and we spent months doing research and reading available literature. At last we found the right puppy from Carol Newman at the well known Wencar kennel in England. In October the same year Vera travelled to Blackpool to pick up our new little girl, Wencar Bronze Rose. At home she was called Bolla which indicated that she was not the skinny one. After witnessing the joy of our little girl when she was meeting and playing with other both bulldogs and other breeds, we soon started looking for a new dog.

Finally the memorable moment 08.08.08 at eight a clock in the evening arrived. The historical Olympics in Bejing started at the exact moment Vera landed at Evenes airport with our newest family member Loro del Piana Daytona. Since she originated from the island of Sicily we simply had to call her Cilia. In 2011 Cilia gave birth to our Arcticbull Survivor. Being to only one to leave from the veterinarian choosing a name was easy.

Since then lots of things have happened. We have moved out of the city and built our new home on an old farm. This gives the dogs and ourselves the possibility of enjoying forest life every day. On our property we have moose, foxes, wolverines and several other species living close by. In the air we can daily watch the Sea-eagle circling far above. It is pretty much life in the wilderness although quite close to the city. We have been to quite a few shows with our dogs and they have done well so far.

In 2014 both our Wheelbacks Myy Arcticbull and Arcticbull Survivor qualified for the titles Nordic and International Champion! Having 3 dogs at the moment, two of them International Champions is something we are proud of. Without the help of good friends this would not have been possible. Through the bulldogs we have made lots of friends both in Norway and abroad. Through them we have learnt a lot, gotten inspired and motivated. We put our dog`s health first and therefore we take them out for lots of walks and play with them in the fields, forests and the spectacular arctic nature surrounding Narvik. Hopefully this will be a key part in keeping our dogs physically and mentally healthy. Like most kennels in Norway the dogs live inside with us. With temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius in the winter there simply is no other alternative and we also get the companionship of our best friends as a bonus.
We put a lot of hard work into carefully selecting and breeding the right dogs for our kennel so that we hopefully can breed excellent dogs in the future.